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Turkish Cuisine – An overview

Even though food is a fundamental need for all, people tend to intake only the food which is delicious. In some cases, people tend to care about the health factors in the food which they intake. When both these factors are combined, the Turkish cuisine will come into mind. As we all know there are three major cuisines. Among these, the Turkish cuisine is considered to be more surprising for the people all over the world. The specialty of this cuisine is they will have a pure quality. The recipes will be very simple but the quality of ingredients is more important to come up with best taste. This cuisine includes many tasty foods which include pilav, Hamsili pilav, Manti, patlican dolmasi, shish kebabs and many.

The origin

It is to be noted that the ancient Turks were nomads. They were highly dependent on agriculture and their diets were greatly based on meats. Adana kebabs can be considered as the best example of their meat food. In the initial days, the Turks cooked their food in underground oven and in charcoal fire. Even today, most of the Turkish foods were prepared on stove top and the ovens are very rarely used. Since these nomads were the agriculturalists, they preferred the diary products to a greater extent. This is the reason in most of their recipes yogurt and milk will play a major role. The most popular dish of this cuisine which is being the favorite of many people right from the ancient days is pastirma.

New ingredients

It can be said that the Turk’s cuisine attained various changes over different period. Even though the changes were done, they were considered to be the alternative for the ingredients used in the ancient days. This is also the reason why the tastes of their food have not attained any major changes over period.  For example, in the ancient time the nomads used butter but today olive oil is being used. Likewise honey was replaced by sugar and this includes many other replacements. Most of their foods such as a new phenomenal success, the halal snack pack, includes the dominant species like pepper, cumin, saffron and coriander. The mint leaves, onions and garlic were used only for seasoning. Even though there were no major changes, little replacements were included according to the ingredients which are available in current trend.

Turkish snacks

The Turkish snacks are very famous all over the world. Their snacks were not only exclusive but they were also tasty. Most of their snacks include dips. Especially turkish dips in Sydney are supposed to have a great craze among the food passionate. Most of their snacks were more famous among the kids because of their exclusive taste. The Turkish tend to pack their snack bags while moving on a vacation or while setting out for weekend. There are many restaurants and hotels where the best Turkish snacks can be ordered. Especially one can make use of the after hours food to taste this cuisine without any constraint.